x Theoretical maximum speed when manually unloading

Q: According to the fundamentals of ‘method-time measurement’, the standard time of an operation includes some fatigue allowance when the machine is loaded / unloaded manually by an operator.

Should I consider this standard time as theoretical maximum speed? Or should I eliminate the fatigue allowance from the standard time to find the theoretical maximum speed?

Arno Koch •  By definition, OEE identifies and visualizes ALL potential EQUIPMENT losses; so also the time the equipment has to wait for the loading/unloading. This might be a subject for an improvement activity.

OEE measures against THEORETICAL maximum speed, not ‘CURRENTLY assumed to be the best possible’.

Hint: When your OEE drops down due to difficult loading and unloading, causing operators to become fatigue; then improve the loading and unloading instead of hiding this by taking it out of the OEE!

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