x Step 5. Collecting OEE data

Q: What is important when collecting OEE data?

Although collecting OEE data is just a small part of the OEE measurement, it usually gets a lot of attention. And unfortunately often in the wrong direction…

Do not try to exclude the operator

The most common (and biggest) mistake while implementing OEE is the assumption that;

  • Operators can not do this
  • Operators do not need to be bothered with this
  • Computers can do this without operator-involvement

Take into consideration:

  • You gave the operator the responsibility over a very expensive piece of equipment
  • It is the operator that actually generates the value with this equipment
  • The operator is the most present person near this equipment
  • And he actually presses the buttons.
  • ¬† decides
  • Get started immediately after the kick-off meeting: directly applying the knowledge will help flesh out OEE.
  • Make sure that a coach is available during the first shifts to help the team get started.
  • Listen closely to comments: adapt the form or registration procedure¬†if requested.
  • Provide immediate feedback: show the results of the first measurements right away!
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