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Bookcover Koch: OEE for the productionteamYour machinery could actually be twice as large as you think. See, in addition to every machine there is often an identical ‘hidden’ machine. This great OEE book, OEE for the Production Team, reveals the trick to find this hidden capacity and use it.

The mystery of the hidden machine

‘The mystery of the hidden machine’ offers you the key to unlocking this secret: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This measuring instrument, which originated in Japan, sheds light on production losses. It consequently enables them to be solved using improvement strategies such as TPM, Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma.

OEE for the Production Team: also for staff and management!

‘OEE for the Production Team’ is suitable for both extensive study and a quick scan of the key points of OEE. In other words, it is the ideal guide for operators, mechanics and team leaders, as well as management and human resources. OEE, according to the description in this book, is more than just a measuring tool; it is the foundation for improving effectiveness.

OEE implementation

In order to achieve this, a number of things must be arranged properly during the OEE implementation. You can proceed through the eight steps described one at a time.

Once OEE has been implemented, you carry out a critical step by step evaluation in order to determine if any improvements can be made to the measuring system.

Arno Koch – 2007 – € 41,99   [Buy: Amazon]

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