x (How) Can Performance be more than 100%?

Q: When can a performance rate over 100% occur?
Arno Koch •    If your standard is too low or when making a data-entry mistake, the actual output might be higher than the maximum output (Time x max speed).
In this case the performance rate would go over 100%


  • Imagine you make 20% scrap (Quality = 80%) and the machine is idling 30% of its time, (Availability = 70%) but due to a too low standard, your performance is 150%. You end up with a world class OEE of 70% x 150% x 80% = 84%. Of course that is nonsense and leading away the focus of the losses being present!
  • Several graphs and analyses would get distorted, since OEE is a balanced system, with 100% as maximum.
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