x OEE Registration Form Download (Excel)

Q: Where can I find an excel spreadsheet to make my registration form for OEE?

Arno Koch •    
Below find some excel examples for the OEE form as described in the book “OEE for the production team“.

Download it, adapt it to suite your needs and start registering!

Front side

The front side contains all the information to calculate the availability.

Do not define more activities than will fit on this sheet of paper; it will add no value. Although it should be almost self-explaining, you may want to use the book “OEE for the productionteam” if you need mare information.

Basic OEE Registration form (front)

Basic OEE form in Excel (front)

Back Side

On the back side, all data about ‘output’ is being collected. Keep it Speedy and Simple (KISS)! and make sure the team calculates its OEE at each shift ending!

Basic OEE Registration form (back)

Basic OEE form in excel (back)

Excel OEE Registration Form download

  1. Basic OEE Registration
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  3. OEE datasheet Example 2
  4. OEE datasheet Example 3


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