x OEE of average machine between 35 and 45%?

Q: You mention within your site the OEE of an average machine is between 35 and 45%. What data is this figure based upon?

Arno Koch •  It is based on my analyses of more than 1000 machines in all kind of processes and environments. I tried to set the definitions as close as possible to the OEE Industry Standard in order to elimitate large deviations based on differences in definitions. However; please ONLY use this as a ‘Rule of Tumb’. As I have to keep saying: it does not makes sense to compare OEE numbers. The only reason I mention those numbers is to make you aware that there might be a huge improvement potential in your factories that you might not have discovered yet!

Q: What is the trend over time, say last 10 years?

A: I have no hard evidence, but my impression is that the majority remains in the same old pattern. In some environments I see sometimes quite impressive improvements since TPM and Lean become more widely spread. To me it is clear where TPM is seriously being implemented OEE increases also seriously…!

On the other hand the real low performers seem to disappear slowly; this might be a ‘natural selection’ or due to the awareness of productivity in general.

Q: Does the OEE for a machine vary from global region to region?

A: Again no hard prove, but countries that have embraced TPM-like improvement strategies seem to show more nice improvement examples than those who don’t. I think of Brasil and Germany. But be carefull… also in those countries such factories are still a minority…

Q: Does the OEE figure vary by sector ie. food packaging to Automotive?

A: Definitely. The dynamics and specifics of a sector can be seen in the numbers, although I would not like to say this to encourage benchmarking! Typically in Pharmacy we see very low OEE’s and in the better Automotive or FMC’s plants substantially higher numbers can be found (of course there are reasons to that!)

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