x OEE & Multiple Cycle Times

Q: We have lathes and machining centers that we use where we have multiple set ups and many different parts  with multiple cycle times run on those machines. We will be applying OEE to these machines and I am curious what others have done when the cycle time for the parts always changes. When a process has a constant cycle time, Performance measures also remain constant. Averaging cycle times will not provide accurate information.

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x How to determine Cycle Time?

Q: At my company we are currently doing a book study using your book ‘OEE for the Production Team‘. As we work through the book we came across a question; When calculating OEE do you (the calculation) account for the loading and unloading of material in the machine? We have been calculating the OEE using TAKT time (19 seconds) but the machine cycle time is only (13 seconds). Is this important? Because if there is improvement it will be realized in both versions, correct? In Chapter 9 the exercises do not include load/unload time. Your feedback would be appreciated since material loading is a fundamental function in our facility.
Thank you, Pat Holden

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x Performance goes over 100%…

Q:  I’ve been having some difficulties in understanding the definition to calculate OEE. From my experience, it should never be over 100%. However, by definition, performance can surpass 100%.

This will happen whenever the working center is turning faster than standard rate. In this case, should I take the actual cycle time instead of the standard one to limit the performance component at 100%? I need some help, please!

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