What’s changed in v1.8?

Release: v 1.8

Date: 1 May 2017


  • Data that is based on invalid/non-plausible date in shift-calculations (=mainscreen) is displayed transparent on charts
  • Clicking on Activity-category in charts -which are (not) grouped by Cycle- will display cycle in mainscreen.
  • Shift-data can now be locked (e.g. by teamleader) to lock cycle from editing
  • Shifts can be locked/unlocked in batches by via [Data] [Batch Update]
  • Charts / Reports display ‘invalid data’ message, taking into account every individual set of shift-data, not just the summary data (as it did before)
  • Performance of generating charts/reports has been improved in analysis
  • Number of ‘good products expected’ in production activity has been added


  • Random ordering in Effectiveness In Time when showing smaller or larger sets
  • Andon chart showing incorrectly losses (ex difference in results for Andon and EffectivenessInTime charts when only one cycle is shown (1-10-2015, Unifill2, Early)
  • Batch performance incorrect Y axis maximum value
  • Batch performance crashes when good products are not selected
  • Batch performance series do not page data correctly
  • Batch performance series are not correctly synchronized when only quality is shown (no split)
  • Period report displays activity duration in seconds, instead of minutes
  • Fixed bug in OutputInTime chart when Average is not selected
  • Database tool creates configuration file with empty name when there are no configuration files
  • Mainscreen IsValid property is no properly handled when calculating data
  • Mainscreen incorrect data on activity pareto chart
  • Choosing Line in Common filter options in analysis does not produce correct results
  • Andon chart does not display machine / line name in title
  • Availability In Time: fixed coloring for constant lines, coloring for point series

What’s changed in v1.7?

Release: v 1.7

Date: 1 April 2017


  • Added Solitaire calculation in CascadeLosses
  • Improved category naming in Effectiveness bar


  • Mainscreen: actual output not valid indicator not refreshing in SinglePiece mode
  • Mainscreen: adding a new product does not move focus to it
  • Cascade Losses: incorrect OEE calculation
  • Adding non-good product when non-good product is selected