x Availability Definitions (1)

Q: What are the time effects of the situations below to the availability and OEE calculation?

  1. Excise tax checking time (60 per shipment)
  2. Machine cleaning time for the quality of product. (10 min every hr.)
  3. External factory Electrical failure time. (uncontrollable)

Arno Koch •  If we follow the OEE Industry Standard, this should be defined as follows:

@ 1. The machine is waiting for you to do some administrative tasks -> Waiting Time, reducing the OEE through the availability

@ 2. The machine is waiting to be cleaned ->  Waiting Time, reducing the OEE through the availability

@ 3. The machine is un-scheduled for production because a resource is not available due to reasons OUTSIDE of the company: Not reducing the OEE, yet reducing the OOE and TEEP

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